No Gear No Fear Contest Update

No Gear No Fear Contest Results

The No Gear No Fear contest that I wrote about in this previous post is now over and the results have been announced over on Ribnar’s website. I didn’t win of course, the winner is Tashia Walters, well done to her, but I did manage to get second place. I really didn’t expect to get any points at all let alone come second, so I’m really happy with this result. I even had the top score for two of the categories, which I’m so pleased with. Thank you to Ribnar for organizing this fun contest and all the hard work he put into taking all those Ilford cameras apart, developing and scanning the film and then uploading them all to Flickr. I think maybe Ribnar has too much time on his hands, but I’m glad he did take the time to do this. Thanks also have to go to the four judges who must have had such a hard time scoring all the entries. This has been a fun contest, that proves you don’t need the best or latest gear to create images. I’m not going to pretend these are the best photographs I’ve ever taken, but they’re not bad considering they were taken with a single use camera.

My Entries

These are my 4 selections for the categories, all the shots taken for the contest can be found here.

No Gear No Fear Contest Entry




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