Beginners Film Photography Workshop

The Workshop

In the summer I will be offering 1 day group beginners film photography workshops in London, the workshops will cover the following subjects:

  • Types and formats of film Cameras (SLR, Rangefinder, TLR etc)
  • Choosing a film camera and where to get them
  • Types and formats of film (135, 120, Print, Slide etc)
  • The exposure triangle
  • Using a light meter (in camera and hand held)
  • Basic home Black and White developing

The course is intended for people new to film photography and would like to hit the ground running.

I will have a limited number of film cameras that can be used by participants during the workshop for those that don’t already have one. Each student will be given 2 rolls of film, 1 b&w and 1 colour at the start of the workshop.

Dates, times and location TBC

Price: £150

If you would like to ask a question or register your interest please use the form below. Anyone who pre-registers their interest now will be offered a place on a workshop for the discounted price of £100.